Rhody Gem: September 2019

The Map Center – East Side Monthly


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What it is: 

The Map Center sells traditional paper maps and atlases, including rare and large-scale editions.

Where to find it:

Enter the The Mills building on Pawtucket Avenue – through double doors decorated with large maps and posters – and follow the corridor to the left.


What makes it a Rhody Gem?

The Map Center was a North Main Street fixture for more than half a century. Since 1981, Andrew Nosal has operated the store, and he won’t let GPS squander his map-selling savvy. You can still visit Andrew at his new-ish Pawtucket location and browse his still-astonishing collection of specialty, antique, and regional maps. Most of The Map Center’s stock is vended online, but Andrew does get visitors. Bonus: try to find him without using your phone.


The Map Center
545 Pawtucket Avenue, Suite a114