Rhody Gem: April 2019

Bolt Coffee, inside the RISD Museum - East Side Monthly


We are pleased to introduce Rhody Gem, a new monthly column in Providence Monthly. We’re always being thanked for spotlighting the “hidden gems” of the state, and in our ongoing efforts to leave no stone unturned, we’re putting the call out to our readership! Each month we’ll spotlight a Rhody Gem: a business, artisan, or place suggested to us by our faithful readers.

What it is:

Bolt Coffee is a small coffee shop hidden in the confines of the RISD Museum that serves meticulously roasted, expert-tested coffee, delectable sandwiches, and locally made treats. If you are a KNEAD donut fan, you are definitely going to want to pick up one of their donuts at Bolt to pair with a foamy latte.

Where to find it:

The entrance to the RISD Museum on Benefit Street. The cafe itself won’t be hard to find – just look for the tables teeming with RISD students and museum-goers.

What makes it a Rhody Gem?

This cafe provides a bit of a surprise for museum patrons. At first, you think you’re simply going to enjoy eclectic art, but then you realize that you can also cozy up and enjoy a break whilst sipping gourmet coffee. It’s nestled into a nook of the museum, serving as a private get- away for students, locals, and visitors to unwind.

Bolt Coffee Company

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