Reach for the Moon

Brianna Moon runs a small store with big purpose


Hope Artiste Village is known for its interesting mix of businesses and just recently added another shop to its directory: Brianna Moon, a vintage clothing store named for its owner. While small, with just two racks and a selection of Brianna’s handmade jewelry, the shop has much to offer.

Says Brianna, “What sets my store apart from others with a similar aesthetic is that I am hand-making and altering 95 percent of the items in my store. There are no wholesalers or vendors I fill it with.” Brianna uses a lot of leftover materials, especially for her jewelry. “In a world full of ‘stuff,’ I am trying to find ways to repurpose or make new items in a sustainable manner as well as give back to the community.”

From a passion for repurposing to helping others, Brianna’s devotion to her community is evident throughout her store. It starts with styling – “I one hundred percent want customers to come into my store and get the full treatment. Styling for me is a way to show a person’s personality and help them feel and look like their best self” – but it also goes beyond that. Brianna gives five percent of her sales to the Sojourner House, a local nonprofit supporting victims of domestic abuse. “I have people very close to me who have experienced domestic violence and I myself was a victim of cyber stalking for 14 years,” Brianna says, “so supporting a nonprofit that supports women who have been through trauma, domestic, and sexual violence is something very important to me.”