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Meet Four Candidates Who Aren’t Interested in Being Either Mayor or Governor
There will be only one opportunity that we’re aware of for East Siders to meet the candidates squaring off in the Democratic primary for Representative District 1 (Incumbent Edie Ajello vs. Nate Hannah) and Senate District 3 (Incumbent Gayle Goldin vs Chris Wall). The event is sponsored by the Wayland Discussion Group led by David Kolsky and will be held on Wednesday, August 27 from 7-8:45pm at Books on the Square, 471 Angell Street. It’s free and open to the public of course. And we suspect there may even be refreshments.

The WaterFires will Burn Bright in September
You can never be certain where and when WaterFire impresario Barnaby Evans might appear to proselytize his signature creation. Imagine our surprise last month to find Barnaby holding court at the lawn next to Dedee Shattuck’s stunning art gallery in Westport with his caldron’s blazing and his guest dancers dancing... and with nary a river in sight. Well fortunately this is a big month for Barnaby and his minions right here in Providence with three lightings scheduled for September on the 4th, the 19th and the 27th. Ladies. Gentlemen. Start those torches!

East Side Marketplace Sold But Not Saying Goodbye
The rumors have swirled for months, maybe even years, that Scott Laurans was going to sell his popular supermarket to one of those big national chains. Well at long last he has, but the good news is, it appears the market will retain virtually all of its staff and a large degree of its independence. The new owner is Ahold, a Dutch company that operates in this country as Stop & Shop. It is expected the store will retain many, if not most, of its current product lines. It also may function as a testing ground for new initiatives before they get rolled out to the whole chain. The company has 775 stores in the U.S. and about 3,000 more in Europe. Brian Pacheco will remain as the manager of the store. East Side Marketplace has been a treasured East Side institution and we wish them well during the transition. We’ll have more details next issue about what specific changes we can all expect.

Providence, We Have a Touch Down!
Hopefully many of them! September 27 marks the first home game of the year against perennial powerhouse Harvard. The game will be at Brown Stadium (corner of Elmgrove and Sessions), begins at 6pm and marks a continuation of the night game tradition that began a few years ago and have proven quite popular with both the students and the neighbors. For one glorious evening, usually preceded by tailgating, burgers and perhaps a beverage or two, the East Side takes on the feel of a mini (and we emphasize mini) Big Ten site. The crowd has been known to get a little rowdy especially if our hometown heroes can march up and down the field against the dreaded Crimson. Go Brunonia!