Hosting History

Annual international conference of architectural historians to take place in Providence


In April, Providence will play host to over 600 museum professionals, preservationists, and historians of art and architecture as they convene to discuss key issues facing the preservation of historical architecture across the world.

The Society of Architectural Historians (SAH) will host its 72nd Annual International Conference on April 24-28 at the Rhode Island Convention Center. Attendees will take part in workshops, roundtable discussions, and paper sessions discussing new research on the history of the built environment.

The conference comes in the midst of an ongoing and impassioned debate about the future aesthetic of Providence, including points of contention like the Hope Point Tower – what would become the tallest building in Rhode Island – and Brown University’s plans for a new performing arts center.

“Other cities around the world are dealing with similar issues surrounding failing infrastructure and heritage conservation, and the seminar is designed to serve as a forum for dialogue between the local community and SAH members,” says Helena Dean, Director of Communications for SAH.

The public is invited to join SAH conference attendees in more than 25 guided tours – in Providence and surrounding cities such as Newport, Cape Cod, and Bristol – that will be led by historians, architects, and other local experts, spotlighting some of the area’s rich architectural heritage, including the Nightingale-Brown House and First Baptist Church.

“It’s great because our attendees get a chance to get outside the convention center and explore the city. And the local community has the opportunity to learn more about the architecture and history of their hometown through tours that are pretty in-depth,” says Dean.

See the conference’s full program and learn more about joining SAH by visiting